Community Programs facilitate the continued growth and learning of individuals who have the potential for more independent lifestyles. We support our participants in learning compensatory strategies and developing personal strengths in order to overcome challenges they face as a result of their acquired brain injury.

Our emphasis is on providing  client-centred programs.  Participants are supported and encouraged in taking an active role in developing their own rehabilitation goals.

Often these goals will be developed in order to facilitate:

  • A return to school
  • A return to work
  • Increasing independence
  • Managing activities of everyday life better
  • A return to leisure and recreational interests
  • A healthier lifestyle

Many participants will have completed or be near completion of their acute rehabilitation and require assistance in making the transition back into their communities.  BIS works collaboratively to help make this happen. Participants are supported in meeting their personal rehabilitation goals through the provision of educational groups,  individual supports and or group activities.

Individual supports may include:

  • Brain Injury Education
  • Social Skills Training
  • Cognitive Strategy Training
  • Life Skills Support
  • Leisure/Recreational Education
  • Community Access
  • Information and consultation with schools, employers and volunteer placements

Clinics may include:

  • ABI Education
  • Communications Training
  • Retraining Your Brain
  • Anger Management
  • Health &  Wellness
  • Financial Strategies
  • Memory  Strategies
  • Pain Management
  • Sexual Health
  • Relaxation

A weekly Drop-In is offered for  support and socialization.

Applications are available on line or by contacting the office at 705-734-2178 or 1-877-320-1950.